In Nova Diagnostics, we offer products and services for the Research industry.  X-Zell Cryoimmunostaining is a new, ultra-precise platform solution designed to make next-generation single-cell immunofluorescence cytology accessible to researchers worldwide. Designed and manufacture by our partners X-Zell.  It is the world only 9 color immunostaining system. Please visit their website to find out more or contact us for more information. Our company is GDPMDS certified (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) and all our products are registered under Health Science Authority (HSA).

Molecular Diagnostics


  • Rapid, gentle, non-toxic cell fixation
  • Retain cell morphology and tissue architecture
  • Recover >90% of rare cells on slides
  • 50-70% RNA, 80-100% DNA preservation
  • 35 mins, 2 mins hands-on


  • One-step, 9 color immunofluorescence staining
  • Single cells, cryosections and more, re-stainable
  • Membrane, cytosolic and nuclear antigens
  • Low background and non-specific antibody binding
  • 1 hr 45 mins, 5 mins hands-on

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